Monkau (monkau) wrote in rodentz,

(and next-due pictures)

ohhh i love these babies.

First off is my favourite boy in the litter. i love his fur.

a group pic of all the boys...

the two girls (some of you may remember the big post about fostering one of my littles? the dove is the fostered girl.) the siamese girl is already on hold. im keeping the other.

group pic of all the babies...

heres the most evil picture of a mouse ive ever taken.

Bluey (male - left) Cheza (female- right) she should be due next week. her babies are already on hold/sold.

Tyger (male-left) and Saharah (female- right) also due on the 16th

im really looking forward to my next litters, since theyve all been really well planned, and long awaited :)

next week i will have some more baby photos of one of my other litters that was born 3 days ago to my agouti girl 'Amanda' and Bluey. they are just getting the colour on their skin. ill take pics when theyre fuzzy :)

x posted all over the place im sure i drive you all mad :)
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