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Are there any members here who are mouse lovers/breeders/owners in Perth Western Australia, or anywhere near here?? this post is for YOU.

If you are who Im after, YAY for you. i love you. we all love you.
appologies for everyone else who has to see this cross posted everywhere Im invading everyones internet space with my endless search.

I run Monkau Mousery in WA. i breed mice and rescue unwanted ratties

Anyway, since im sure youre all pretty well aware that there arent shows in WA, and the west oz rat and mouse clubs are certainly dead, we're trying to start from scratch, seperately, under MY REIGN *evil world conquoring laugh*

Nah, really, all i want to do is get all the people i know who breed and own and are obsessed with rats and mice, to get together and have some fun, show off our little pets, trade with other breeders, sell to other enthusiasts etc. in other words, lets get off our butts and do something pro-active about this lack of west ozzie rodent love :)

ive taken my rats and mice down to the canningvale markets for pats and holds and to try adopt out some of the many little babies that get dumped on me.

(this went down surprisingly well! i had alot of people hold and pat the little ones, who were wonderfully behaved! though i noticed the older people kinda made gross faces at me, for having a rat on my shoulder all day )

ive tried sort things out through the existing clubs, but to no avail, they just dont return constant calls and emails (ive been at it for almost a year now! it started off ok, with communication.. and then... died... im sure theres a good enough reason, but... im just so frustrated!), so now i have had enough.

im thinking that if we can get good numbers, we can have competitions, and ill even organise raffles to fund for ribbons how nice is that? i have had contact with (haha meaning i sold breeding trios to) people from the UK who moved here who have been involved in rodent breeding and judging there too, so if i can find their contacts again, ill certainly enlist their help for judging!

anyway, leave a comment here, or get a hold of me at if youre not in WA yourself, and would like to give me any tips and pointers, ill love you for all eternity and send a million little rattie and mouse kisses your way

alternatively, if you know someone who may be interested, get them to drop me a line.

i thank you all for your time, and look forward to meeting more rattie and mouse lovers

isnt the internet a wonderful thing

and im going to add pictures to entertain everyone else. i had a mouse-sized photoshoot

bon nuit!!

and heres pictures to make this post all the more sweeter :)

my siamese girl. n'aw shes so cute.

this is my darling Toffee. i adore him to bits.

Saharah. :D :D

"you cant see me if i hide behind this... thing..."

dutchess wasnt feeling very photogenic and kept running away.

"i can smell someone else i know"

hillary can smell the bubbles from the hot milo i just drank.

EVIL MOUSE the colour of fire with glowwy eyes lol

a few pics of rowan coz hes just such an attractive mouse :)

"say... errr... 'cheese'!"

this is tyler. hes going to live with his new mum next month *cries*

my litter of bubs opened their eyes today. this is the boy i shall be keeping. hes wonderful!

and finally, only because my butt hurts, and i cant be bothered cutting, resizing and labelling more pictures, heres some of the girls during their free time run. they prefer to hide in the box though hehe.

if you dont think this post belongs here, let me know and ill take care of it. thanks.
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